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Oregon treatment centers is an online directory of substance abuse treatment centers, located in Oregon. We have sorted the treatment centers by city, addiction type, payment type, and services offered. We pride ourselves in connecting people with the best treatment program for you or your loved one. If you or someone you know has a drug or alcohol problem, please don't hesitate to contact any of these facilities through our directory.

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Oregon Drug Treatment Centers

With a population of approximately 3.8 million, Oregon (OR) is a mid-sized state that has rapidly grown in the past 20 years. Oregon's capital is Salem and Portland is the most populated city in Oregon. Oregon is located in the middle of the west coast between Washington and California.

Oregon's economy is driven by a mix of natural resources (agriculture, timber, fishing) and high tech and large companies. In past decades, the once booming timber industry has significantly decreased production due to over harvesting and forest fires. Oregon's largest employer is currently Intel, but was Tektronix until the late 1980s. Several major corporations have their headquarters in Oregon including, Nike, Precisioin Castparts Corp, FLIR Systems, adn Stancorp Financial Group.

Despite all this, Oregon has a major substance abuse problem, both with drug abuse and alcohol addiction. In 2007, Oregon admitted 51,981 people into drug or alcohol treatment making up 2.7% of the nation's admissions despite having only 1.3% of the nation's population. Like most states, alcohol rehabilitation made up the majority of Oregon's admissions, but methamphetamine (meth), cocaine, heroin, and marijuana all have significant user rates. Oregon is also used as a transportation hub to transport drugs from California and Mexico north to Washington and Canada.

Oregon treatment centers is a directory of over 200 substance abuse treatment centers in Oregon that specialize in drug treatment and alcohol rehabilitation. Our goal is to provide you the necessary information to make an educated decision on treatment for either yourself or a loved one. To contact any of the facilities within our directory simply fill out the form on the facility page and we will put you into contact with them. We pride ourselves in connecting patients with the best available treatment centers.

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